CreditNaira is an intermediary that provides online loans to its users

which can be operated through mobile app anytime and anywhere.

There are 4 steps


Will Give You

a Good Loan Experience

According to the loan information filled in by the user, we have realized rapid authentication and accurately matched the products that meet his loan needs. Borrowing is faster, easier and more selective

Example of loan application:

- Tenure: Ranges from 180 to 365 days

- Loan Amount: Up to ₦100,000

- APR: Annual Percentage Rate is 10%(lowest)~18%(highest)

For example, if a customer borrows ₦10,000 for 365 days (12 months), the APR is 15%. We would charge the customer ₦10,000 * 15% = ₦1,500 as interest of 365 days repayment period.
Total amount of repayment is ₦10,000 + ₦1,500 = ₦11,500.
As the repayment period is for 12 months
Monthly repayment is ₦10,000/12+ ₦10,000*15%/12 = ₦958.33